Using Data to Drive Higher Returns
Taylor Marketing, Data & Analytics

Data-driven marketing programs that increase the performance of your sales and marketing initiatives by increasing customer engagement and driving higher response.

Drive Results

Increase response and conversion rates to boost your sales and profits.

Heighten Engagement

Heighten customer engagement by humanizing your brand by understanding your targets.

Know your customers

Improve customer experiences by leveraging data, marketing and analytics.

Market Cross Channel

Implement omnichannel delivery strategies that are seamless for customers.


Identify the right customer at the right time to maximize your marketing efforts.

Taylor’s Marketing Advantage Program brings data-driven expertise that amplifies your campaign creative and strategy helping you achieve real results

Customer Acquisition

Outperform your competition by using more than intuition. We strengthen acquisition campaigns with deeper, more actionable customer insights and creative that is driven by data.

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Customer Cross-Sell

Gain a deeper understanding of when and where your best customers are likely to buy. Our cross-sell strategies enable you to target customers with offers for the products they are most inclined to purchase next.

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Customer Win-Back

Reengage with high-value customers from the past using your most precious asset — your data. We have decades of experience with cost-effective win-back strategies that are proven to drive growth organically.

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Active Shopper Advantage

Strike while the iron is hot and immediately engage with customers in the market for your product or services. Utilize multi-sourced data streams to reach your customer across proven marketing channels.

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Data is at the
Heart of What We Do

We work with our clients to understand their data needs and identify data sources that will optimize business results.

AutoNet Direct is a proprietary data offering that helps automotive and auto-related industries (such as insurance and finance) target active auto shoppers for a wide range of acquisition and loyalty initiatives. Through AutoNet Direct, we are able to target car buyers who are:

  • Actively in-market shopping
  • Nearing the end of their lease
  • Looking for vehicle financing
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Use Taylor’s expertise with data to isolate shopping triggers through a combination of mobile app and online activity.

Let us tell you when your customers are back in the market and actively looking to buy.

Increase the likelihood that your customers will purchase lucrative goods and services by tapping Taylor’s expertise with milestones and life events.

Proprietary Analytics Services
Unlocking The Stories In Your Data

Utilizing data to drive bottom-line results is both an art and a science. We can provide a suite of analytics services to create powerful data insights and improve your audience targeting.

Customer Profiles



Customer Journeys

Performance Marketing

Marketing Technology

Omnichannel Marketing

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