AutoNet Direct Network

The AutoNet Direct Network is Taylor’s proprietary data offering that helps automotive and auto-related industries (such as insurance and finance) target active auto shoppers for a wide range of acquisition and loyalty initiatives.

Through AutoNet Direct, we are able to target car buyers who are:

  • Actively in-market shopping
  • Nearing the end of their lease
  • Visiting dealerships
  • Looking for vehicle financing

Targeting Electronic Vehicle Buyers

Has your data strategy evolved to uniquely target EV shoppers?
Our white paper covers:

  • Understanding the EV audience
  • Leveraging digital behavior
  • Knowing where EV shoppers are

Autonet white paper

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Other lead sources try to predict when consumers are in market. With AutoNet Direct, we can pinpoint when they are in market and, in most instances, know what they are shopping for.

In-Market Shopper Leads -Our Best Performing Prospecting Source
Our In-Market Shopper dataset consists of triggered leads representing individuals that are actively shopping and have opted in to receive targeted marketing offers.

  • Organic opted-in leads with verified email and postal addresses
  • Vehicle make and model shopping detail
  • Leads are digital-ready for integrated digital targeting and re-targeting
  • Enhanced with Acxiom demographic and automotive elements
  • Over 500,000 new leads per month

Off- Lease Leads
Access vehicle lessees whose auto leases are nearing expiration. This dataset is compiled from multiple sources including service agencies, warranty and insurances companies and is targetable by vehicle make/model.

  • Over 150,000 new leads per month
  • Off-Lease vehicle make and model detail
  • Omnichannel ready for direct mail, email and digital use
  • Enhanced with demographic and automotive elements

Digital Behavioral Shopper Data
Shopping triggers identified through a combination of a household’s app and online activity, and then deterministically linked to an individual’s email, offline profile and online engagements ensuring complete multi-sourced data confidence.

  • Access to over 90% of U.S. internet traffic (based on app activity)
  • Over 12,000,000 active insurance shoppers per month
  • Over 11,000,000 active auto shopper households per month
  • Omnichannel ready for direct mail, email and digital use
  • Industry-leading, deterministic, first-party mobile access enhanced with offline demographics, psychographics and automotive elements

Digital Location Shopper Leads
Our Digital Location shopper leads utilize device location data to identify highly qualified prospects segmented by dealer and brand visited.

  • All 42,000+ U.S. automotive dealers geo-mapped
  • Over 5 million eligible shoppers annually visiting a dealership in search of a new or used car
  • Differentiate between individuals visiting dealerships for service versus vehicles sales
  • Direct mail with supporting email or digital targeting
  • Every lead includes brand shopped, enhanced with Acxiom demographic and automotive elements
  • Available data consists of consumers who have visited a dealer’s lot within the previous 24-48 hours.

Vehicle Ownership
AutoNet intelligence provides access to the industry’s largest universe of self-reported vehicle ownership data with postal, email, and digital channel options.

  • Over 150,000,000 households with self-reported vehicle ownership history
  • Omnichannel ready for direct mail, email and digital use
  • Enhanced with Acxiom offline demographics, psychographics and automotive elements

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