Customer Win-Back

By now, almost all successful companies have realized the value of aggregating and regularly evaluating their sales data. Doing so can provide key insights into customer buying habits and help you identify prospects for further engagement. It also shines a light on a less pleasant aspect of the business – customers who have lapsed or not made any purchases in a few years. Figuring out where to start can be a daunting task, but help is available.

Taylor Marketing, Data & Analytics Customer Win-Back program was created to help our clients ensure they are following the correct approach for their lapsed customers. Our team will start by researching your products and providing a full assessment of your customer purchase data and buyer purchase behaviors. We’ll use those findings to create a custom AI model specific to your business to identify which of your past customers have the highest potential for re-engagement.

Taylor MDA isn’t just here to show you who to target, we will help you design and implement an omnichannel approach to drive them back to your website or through your doors. Our years of experience in the digital realm and global footprint of print and production operations also mean that all of your execution needs are covered as well – a true turnkey approach.

Finally, Taylor MDA will work with you through the last critical step of performance measurement. Key performance indicators and metrics will be examined for targeted consumers as well as against control groups to provide you the assurance that the organic growth your company will experience is real. We can then help you further refine your demographics within your customer base to make sure the right targeted approach is used with each and every consumer.

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