Customer Cross-Sell

Turning a customer into an advocate is one of the best ways to ensure continued growth within your own client base. Advocates offer a significant advantage over traditional consumers in that not only are they using your product but they’re also marketing your product for you via an organic channel that is proven to be tried and true. Creating advocates is no small undertaking – without the right approach marketing messages can become muddled and the user experience can become alienating.

Taylor Marketing, Data & Analytics Customer Cross-Sell program is here to assist you in guiding your customers on the journey to advocacy. Our team will start by researching your products and providing a full assessment of your customer purchase data and buyer purchase behaviors. Your current customer base will be ranked for current buying potential AND expected future value. We’ll also provide the demographic data needed to fully understand your customer’s “story,” which can be used to identify and acquire new customers matching those parameters.

Taylor MDA will help you leverage all of this data to drive organic revenue growth through your doors or to your website. We do this by working with you to develop an omnichannel creative approach that is structured to appeal to your audience based on their interest and engagement levels. Not only will we help you advance your approach, we can execute it as well, leaning on our years of experience in the digital realm and global footprint of print and production operations.

Finally, Taylor MDA will work with you through the last critical step of performance measurement. We don’t want you to take our word for it that this approach works – we want to show you. Key performance indicators and metrics will be examined for targeted consumers as well as against control groups to provide you the reassurance that the lift you are seeing is real.

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