Why Your Call-To-Actions
Are Costing You
Potential Customers

February 21, 2022
Why your call-to-actions are costing you potential customers

When it comes to your marketing efforts, one of the most crucial elements of ensuring a successful campaign is your use of a solid and clear call-to-action (CTA). But do you know which CTA is suitable for your potential customer?

Direct CTAs

Direct CTAs serve to convert a potential buyer into a customer by assisting them in taking the next step in their buyer’s journey. A direct CTA should always include clear, easy-to-understand next steps, e.g., schedule an appointment, speak to a sales representative, etc. Direct CTAs are ideal for potential customers that are further in the sales funnel and closer to making a purchasing decision.

Transitional CTAs

In contrast to direct CTAs, transitional CTAs help migrate or transition a potential customer from one point in their buyer’s journey to another, bringing them further into the sales funnel. Transitional CTA’s are a way to alleviate a potential customer’s concerns or empower them with information that will help them feel more confident in making a decision to purchase. Transitional CTAs are a great tool to help a business learn more about a potential customer through a transactional element e.g. Enter your email address to download our free ebook.

Choosing the right CTA

Contrary to what you might think, choosing between a direct or transitional CTA is unnecessary and not advised. Instead, look to use both a direct and a transitional CTA on your marketing materials to ensure you don’t lose customers who are ready to buy or chase away those still kicking the proverbial tires.

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