Customer Acquisition

Acquisition of new customers is the fuel that drives the engine of any strong business. Marketing teams around the world allocate significant resources with the goal of introducing their product to the masses. Reaching an interested consumer is only part of the challenge – there is no guarantee they will engage, whether it’s due to timing, resources available or any number of other reasons.

Taylor Marketing, Data & Analytics will guide you through any of these obstacles, while helping you to identify and acquire customers that perform. The advent of triggered data sources has made it possible to improve the granularity of your targeting like never before. Now you can reach consumers at precisely the right time they are actively shopping, leading to dramatically higher engagement and response at a lower cost per contact.

Our customer acquisition process consists of:

  • Conducting a data assessment of your existing customer base to identify key attributes in shopper behavior
  • Providing a targeted strategy to leverage the core characteristics of your best customers
  • Developing a creative approach that applies the knowledge gained from the story your data tells
  • Establishing data controls to properly measure lift and other key performance indicators

Once the assessment is complete, Taylor MDA can work with you to develop and execute campaigns to reach your best audience through our omnichannel marketing offering.

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