Why Your Print & Digital
Campaign Isn’t Working

April 15, 2022
Why Your Print & Digital Campaign Isn’t Working

The majority of marketers today have some multichannel print and digital campaigns in place, but many are not seeing the results they should or could be. If you're one of the many, here are a couple of things to consider.

Campaign continuity

Does your campaign have a continuity of message? The majority of consumers today expect to experience continuity from brands, and this means they expect the message they receive in email, digital, print and in-store to align. This is especially true with tech-savvy Millennials and Gen-Z, who make up about one-fifth of United States consumers.

  • 90% of customers expect their interactions to be consistent across all channels.
Not all offers are created equal

Do you tailor your message or offer to your consumer based on where they are in their buyer's journey? As consumer insights have improved to help companies better understand where a customer is in their buyer's journey, so have consumer expectations that companies will deliver more timely and relevant offers. Unfortunately, if you're not running an omnichannel campaign – that engages consumers with the right message at the right time, while leveraging those consumers' previous touchpoints with your brand – you're likely losing sales and you might be losing customers altogether.

  • One-third of consumers who ended their relationship with a company last year did so because the experience wasn’t personalized enough. (Accenture)

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